Best Drone / Quadcopter Motors

There are lots of opinions about which drone motors are the best. People often use different criteria to define what is good and what is not. Some measure motor effectiveness by their kv value, while others say that wattage or RPM is more important.

Who is right and who is wrong? At the end of the day, what really matters is how your motor performs with your drone. In our experience, this can be defined by four factors:

Thrust – thrust is basically the amount of weight the motor can lift. Thrust is measured in grams or kilograms. According to many experts, a drone can fly normally only if the thrust of its motors is at least double that its weight. For instance, a 2 kg quadcopter should have at least 4kg of thrust power in order to be able to fly.

Speed – obviously, speed is important too. Usually, normal drones can achieve a speed of 60 mph. Among other things, this allows them to counter wind blows and land softly.

Stability – motors do affect stability too. Good drone motors can handle big size propellers, which allow the drone to shake less during flights. Stability is crucial for quadcopters with mounted cameras.

Power Consumption – this factor defines how long your drone can fly before its batteries are depleted. Power demanding motors often require an additional battery in order to fly for more than 2 minutes straight.

Price – quadcopter motors tend to break over time – it is impossible to keep a drone away from all danger during flights. Therefore, even the best pilots have to repair their quadcopters from time to time.

Having all of that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the top five best quadcopter motors. Let’s review them one by one:


Hobbymate HB2205 2300KV

The HB2205 is a compact brushless motor that is loved by many users. The package comes with four motors for quadcopter, and the first thing that calls everyone’s attention is their amazing looks. If you strive to have a good-looking drone, then you surely can’t miss the HB2205. They come in black color with plated aluminum top.

HB2205’s torque is 1000g, which is rather unique for this price range. They work well with different kinds of props, ranging from 3.5” to 6”. They support double, triple and even quad blade props too.

Now, about the speed, the HB2205 can achieve up to 60 mph with four bladed 5” propellers. If used with two-bladed ones, they can probably reach the 70 mph mark. That being said, their special design features improved cooling, which is 30% better than the average motor of the same power.

The only detail you should keep in mind is that the HB2205 require some additional caution during installation. Their coils lack of good protection in some spots, which allows the provided screws reach into the coils. If installed without caution, the motors die almost instantly.


Emax Mt2213

The compact Emax Mt2213 is probably the most durable motor in this list. While it has other great features as well, durability is definitely the most important trait of this brushless motor. Quadcopter experts are astounded by the fact that the Emax Mt2213 can survive a fall of up to 50 feet. This makes it an amazing choice for beginners and risky pilots. Just make sure that you have some spare propellers, and you’re good to go!

Talking about propellers, the motor can handle double, triple, quad and octa blade ones. It works perfectly with mostly any prop sizes, even with the huge 8” and 10” ones. This makes it a great replacement and upgrade for DJI Phantom ones. In fact, this motor is compatible with most small drones, including the CX-20.

The Mt2213 also features bullet connectors. Those are extremely handy if you want to avoid soldering. Bullet connectors also allow you to easily swap the motor rotation direction. All you have to do flip two of the three wires on that motor (Any two wires).


Hobbymate HB2204

You probably know that in order to function, quad copter motors need a proper ESC module. ESC stands for Electronic Speed Control and it is the circuit board that is directly connected to the brushless motor. Each motor needs its own ESC.

This kit comes with four Hobbymate HB2204 motors and four ESCs, especially designed to work with them. This is extremely handy for those of you who have no spare ESCs. These modules are not expensive, yet their price might easily duplicate because of the shipping cost if purchased separately. Therefore, having them included in the kit might be extremely handy.

The HB2204 is a racer motor that suits most 180 210 250 and smaller drones. Each motor module underwent dynamic calibration, which ensures extreme durability and long lifespan. They also come with Japanese high-end bearings.

These motors are really easy to install. The only thing you should check before launching your drone is that each of the ESCs has the correct firmware.


Crazepony EMAX RS2205

The EMAX RS2205 are often considered the standard in racer brushless quadcopter motors. The reason is obvious – no other motor can beat their 1000g of thrust when powered by a 4S battery. They have extreme RPM efficiency too, which cannot be beaten even by the famous Cobra 2204/2205.

RS2205’s innovative cooling system greatly adds to its durability. The motor manages to stay slightly warm even while undergoing a flow of 30 A (max load). Thanks to its amazing torque it can handle the the Gemfan 5×4.6 BN prop under static load. That’s something no other motor of the category manages to achieve.

No wonder why the worldwide known team of professional quadcopter pilots called Rotor Riot recommends the EMAX RS2205 on their website. Only the best of the best drone gear have the honor of being featured by them.


T-MOTOR Air Gear 350

If you are building a drone from scratch or want full part replacement, then this kit is definitely a no brainer. It features four ESCs, four high-end props and four of the best quadcopter motors on the market.

Go big or go home. This set is meant to be used on medium-sized, 1200g to 1500g quadcopter builds. The motors have extraordinary torque and amazingly low power consumption. For instance, it can run for about 22 minutes with a 4S 4000 battery, carrying a fully-equipped DJI 450 (camera included).

The low noise T9545 props have a sturdy build, yet at the same time they are extremely light weight. They provide three different attachment mechanisms, which make them quite versatile. This is the kind of props that will not break easily.

Last, but not least, the ESCs are worth mentioning too. You probably heard about signal crosstalk interferences. While these do not crash your drone directly, they definitely reduce ESC responsiveness. Not with the AIR20A ESCs, though. This kit comes with four AIR20A that are completely protected from any interference.

In Conclusion

Hopefully you have enjoyed browsing through this list of the five best motors for quadcopter upgrade. Motors are a crucial part of any drone, whether it is a racing one or not. As we’ve mentioned earlier, having good motors will help you to fly safer during windy days and have better maneuverability.
What are your thoughts about the topic? Please let us know in the comments section below.